Become an affiliate

Become an affiliate and get paid to spread the word about tudoo food!

common questions...

Tudoo Food is a software company that provides app building software, aimed at small to medium sized & independent businesses.
Tudoo Food affiliates quite simply are individuals (or collectives) who spread the word of Tudoo to and are rewarded for it. 
Tudoo Food affiliates are not sales people. They simply have conversations as they normally would with food and drinks places  with the addition of throwing in “Have you guys thought about having your own app before?”.

If they say “No, and I wouldn’t ever want to”, the conversation can end there without any effect to the affiliates relationship or integrity.

But if they say “It sounds potentially interesting” then affiliates can say “ah well I know some friends who do a great service so I could get them to have a chat with you”.

And that’s it!

Tudoo Food then takes care of the rest. We do all the speaking, relationship building, educating and selling on what we do and everything to do with apps.

If at any point they then sign up, quite simply you get paid. Yes, that’s all you have to do for it!
We’ll call you back within the hour.