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Takeaway Delivery allows your customers to order their favourite meals direct from your app and straight to their door!

Setting up Food Delivery is quick and easy to do at no extra cost, allowing you to manage time-slots, orders per price, orders per capacity, and many more features, giving you complete control of your ordering process.

The customer gets updated every set of the way with automated notifications, with wording customisable to your brand, and with no additional training needed.

Delivery partner integration costs: £19 per month


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How does it work?

We’re always building bigger and better integrations so your app can work the best for you.
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Sign-up takes around 1 minute
and then we’ll be in-touch in less
than 60 minutes.
We’ll gather all your bits and pieces like
logos, products, backgrounds, services etc
& build you your own app.
Then we simply have a 1 hour onboarding session
to train you up and check your app is
set exactly as you need it.

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