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This guide shows you how to create a service that customers can access to order food for delivery.
    1. Click on Profile.
    2. Click on Services.
    3. Make sure that your Operation Hours cover the time slots that you want available by following the instructions here from step 3 onwards.
    4. Click on Service + on the top right hand side of the screen.
    5. Select Weekly Time Slots as the service type.
    6. If you wish to have the service under a category click Select to choose an existing one or create a new one by clicking on Category +.
    7. Under Service Name enter the name of the service such as ‘Delivery’.
    8. Under Service Description enter any instructions for your customers such as:
      ‘Order here for delivery direct to your door’.
    9. Under Post Order Instructions you may wish to enter a message that will pop up after your customer has paid, for example:
      ‘Orders will be delivered within 30 minutes of your selected time slot’
    10. Under Visibility keep the drop down menu on Vendor & Customer so the service can be viewed on both the vendor & customer apps.
    11. Under Display As keep the selection as Order
    12. Under Service Price add the amount you wish to charge for the delivery service eg. £2.50.  If you wish to show the VAT amount on this service please follow these instructions from part 2 step 5.
    13. Under Minimum Order Value you can add a minimum amount that customers have to spend to qualify for delivery, such as £10.00 for example.
    14. Under Maximum Order Value you can set a limit of how much a customer can spend on an order. As a default this is set to £500.  
    15. Leave Min products on order as 0.
    16. Leave Max Products on Order as 0.
    17. Under Order Stages you can choose to leave Auto Accept Orders, On so that you do not have to manually accept orders or you can turn this Off and put orders into a pending phase where they can either be Accepted or Rejected. Customers with bookings in this phase that have been Rejected will have the money sent immediately back to them rather than having to wait the usual 5-10 business days for a refund.
      Please note pending orders need to be accepted within 7 days or they will automatically Reject.
    18. If you wish to inform customers that their food is being prepared leave the Processing Stage on and name it ‘It’s in the Kitchen!’ or something similar. If you want this off just untick the box.
    19. Change the Final Stage Status to something like ‘Thanks for Ordering’ or ‘Out for Delivery!’ if you have time to click this button during service.
    20. Then click on the Timetable tab at the top of the screen.
    21. We recommend that you change the Time Slot Selection to Immediate so that customers can see what times are available to order before the checkout stage.
    22. Leave Time Slot Default View on Day.
    23. Under Time Slot Capacity enter the total number of deliveries you have available in any one time slot.
    24. Set Value Per Capacity Slot as £0.00 for any order value to only take 1 capacity slot.
      Or make it so that orders over a certain value of your choosing fill multiple capacity slots accordingly.
    25. Change Display Mode to Between.
    26. On the drop down menu below Innermost Booking Time select the minimum time needed before a customer can order food to be delivered.
    27. Below Outermost Booking Time select the maximum period ahead a customer can order.
    28. Under Time Slot Length use the drop down menu to choose the length of time the booking is for.
    29. Under Time Slot Interval use the drop down menu to select the period between time slots.
    30. Under Available Weekly Time Slots click on the Edit button. Select the time slots customers can book for this service on the grid.
      Selecting a letter toggles the entire day.
      Selecting a time on the left toggles the entire row.
      Please note that if your Time Slot Length is 1 hour you’ll want to make the last available booking 1 hour before closing time. When you are happy with your selections click Confirm.
    31. Click on the Inputs tab and follow the instructions here from step 7.
      You generally do not need to add any other inputs to this type of service but there is the option to if needed. 
    32. Click on the Products tab and either use these instructions from step 5 to link your current products to the service or add new ones by following these instructions from part 2, step 5.
    33. When you are happy with the service click Create.
    34. Then Publish.

This service is now visible on the app and ready to be used by your customers.

If you require any further help please contact us.

We’ll call you back within the hour.