how to
This guide shows you how to create a service that customers can use to view your menu.

1. Set up the service

    1. Click on Profile.
    2. Click on Services.
    3. Click on Service + on the top right hand side of the screen.
    4. Select Informational as the service type.
    5. If you wish to have the service under a category click Select to choose an existing one or create a new one by clicking on Category +.
    6. Under Service Name enter what you’d like to call the service such as ‘View Menu’ for example.
    7. Either leave Service Description blank or enter instructions for your customers e.g. ‘Please use this service to view our menu’.
    8. Click on the Products tab. If required you can add new products to the service here by following these instructions from Part 2, Step 5.
    9. If you have already created products on a previous service you can click on the Link Products button and follow these instructions from step 6 onwards to link them to this service.
    10. When you are happy click Create on the top right.
    11. Then Publish.

This service is now visible on the app and ready to be used by your customers.

If you require any further help please contact us.

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