How to
This guide shows you how to add orders to the app when face to face with a customer or over the phone. 

1. Adding the order

    1. Click on Orders.
    2. Click on the + icon on the top right of the screen.
    3. Click on Add Order.
    4. Click on Select Service.
    5. Click on the service you wish to add the order to, for example Click & Collect.
    6. Click Add Products.
    7. Ask the customer what they would like to order and click on the + next to the items to add them. Add any options/upsells that are available on the item such as Gluten Free if applicable. Then Click Add to Order.
    8. Click Confirm.
    9. Click Add Inputs if you have any saved to the service such as Table Number for example.
    10. If the customer is a regular click Select Customer, pop their name into the search bar and then click on their name. If the customer has not used the app before you also have the opportunity to add them here by clicking Customer +, entering their information and clicking Create
    11. Click Create Order.

You will now be ready to take payment and the order will enter the Payment Required stage.

Please note that if you wish for your customer to enjoy their main meal and pay the bill later they can. If this is the case you can also scroll down the order and click Edit to add more items such as desserts to the order and then click Update Order before payment is taken.

If you require any further help with this step please contact us.

2. Taking payment for the order

You now have the opportunity to choose from 3 payment options.

    1. If they wish to pay via Google or Apple pay, get your customer to scan the QR code using their devices camera.
    2. If they want to pay by card, click on the Card tab.
    3. You can then either manually enter their card details if they are on the phone, or use the card scan button which will open the device’s camera so that you can auto-populate the card details.
    4. Tick the box to confirm the details provided are accurate and that the customer consents to this charge.
    5. Click Charge.
    6. If your customer wishes to pay with cash, click on the Cash tab.
    7. Click Cash Payment.
    8. Please note that cash payments need to be enabled by us prior to orders being processed so please contact us if you wish to use this feature.

If you require any further help please contact us.

We’ll call you back within the hour.