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This guide shows you how to block out individual time slots or days so that no further orders can be made. 


This tool is useful if you are closing to run a private function on a specific date or you just want to prevent any further orders at specific times due to staff shortages etc.


Please note that order blockers will not affect any orders that have already been placed.
    1. Click on Orders.
    2. Click on the + icon on the top right hand side.
    3. Click on Add Blocker.
    4. If you wish to block all services do not select any from the Select Service button. This will ensure that all services are blocked on the selected date.
    5. If you wish to block one or more service, click on Select Service.
    6. Click on the service you wish to block orders for such as Click & Collect. Please note if you are not blocking all services but have multiple services that need blocking you will need to repeat these steps for each one.
    7. Under the Name field you can call the blocker whatever suits your situation like Private Function or Staff Shortage for example.
    8. Click on the Start Date and select the date you need to block orders for. Please note if you need to block multiple dates you will need to repeat these steps for each date.
    9. Choose a Start Time & an End Time for your blocker. So 9:00-17:00 if you are wanting to block a whole day or 10:00-10:15 if you are only wanting to block one time interval.
    10. If you are blocking one time interval but you have multiple slots available within that time you can either keep Block All Slots ticked or untick this to choose how many slots within the time you wish to block.  
    11. When you are happy with your selections click Create.
    12. If you wish to view the blocker you have created click on the Schedule tab at the top of the page. Select Day or Week View from the drop down menu on the right hand side and use the < or > arrows on the left to get to the date you blocked off.

Please note, you can only block off time dependant services, if you have any services that are not time dependant such as Table Service these will need to be Unpublished if they are not available.

If you need instructions on how to delete an order blocker please click here

If you require any further help with this please contact us.

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