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This guide shows you how to configure your printer to print when required during your order process.

1. configure the auto print settings

    1. Click on Profile.
    2. Click on Services.
    3. Click on the service that you wish to print orders from such as ‘Click & Collect’ for example.
    4. Click on the Unpublish button on the top right hand side of the screen. Then click Yes.
    5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and under Auto Print click on the Down Arrow  to select whether you’d like automatic printing Off, set to print when orders are Pending or when orders are Accepted.
    6. Once you are happy with your selection click on the Update button on the top right of the screen, click Publish, then click Yes.

Please note that the Auto Print feature cannot be active on more than 1 device.

Please ALWAYS leave the vendor app on the Orders page so that the app stays awake for auto printing.

If you require any further help with this step please contact us.

2. configure the printer settings

    1. Navigate back to the Dashboard.
    2. Click on Orders.
    3. Click on the Cog icon on the top right of the screen.
    4. Click on Printer Config.
    5. Then click on the printer you want to configure.
    6. Under Print Orders select the stage you want the printer to print order tickets. Then select the desired font size by clicking on the Down Arrow under Order Size. These tickets are intended for internal use, such as kitchen preparation of orders.
    7. If Auto Print Services is not selected in Step 1 a print will occur automatically when you open an order and move it to the stage configured, e.g. when you move the order to Completed
    8. On the print stages if you select Never this means the option to print will not be available on orders for this printer.
    9. If you select Auto Print Services and have set this to Pending or Accepted in Step 1 this means an order will print as soon as it enters the Pending stage or as soon as it is Accepted depending on your choices. You will therefore not need to manually click a button to move the order to a set stage to enable printing.
    10. If First Stage Button is selected, it will print when the order is moved by you from its first stage to its second.
    11. If you have Auto Accept Orders Off on your service then you can select the Accepted Button and orders will then print when you move them to the Accepted stage.
    12. If Processing Button is selected, it will print when the order is moved by you into the Processing stage, you may have named this ‘It’s in the Kitchen’ or something similar.
    13. If Completed Button is selected, it will print when the order is moved by you into it’s final stage, you may have named this ‘Thanks for Ordering’ or something similar.
    14. If Manually is selected it means it will not print automatically but the option to print an order is always available when you open it. Note that the automatic printing options above will also enable ad-hoc printing of orders in this way too.
    15. For Print Receipts select the stage and font size you require. Receipts are intended for the customer and contain extra detail such as branding and QR codes. Please note, Auto Print Services are not available on receipts.
    16. Once configured, navigate back to the Orders screen and select an order. You will see Print in the bottom left of the order. Feel free to try this out.

If you require any further help with any of the above please contact us.

We’ll call you back within the hour.