How to
This guide shows you how to create cards of a set value that customers can use to get money off purchases.
These cards can also be used as an alternative to refunds.

1. Create the Template

    1. Click on Marketing.
    2. Click on Promotions.
    3. Click on Promotion + on the top right hand side of the screen.
    4. Select Gift Card as the promotion type.
    5. Keep One User Per Card ticked.
    6. If you would like there to be a QR code that can be scanned to search customer cards upon presentation for in person orders then keep QR Codes ticked, otherwise untick this box.
    7. In the Name field enter what you would like the card to be called or simply leave it as ‘Gift Card’.
    8. Under Description enter some information for your customers such as ‘Automatically applies to your order at checkout.’ for example.
    9. Add the monetary amount you require in the Suggested Amount field.
    10. If you wish you can choose a Colour for the card by either entering an exact hex code or clicking on the colour wheel and choosing a colour. Here you can also Use your own image and choose a colour from that, once you are happy click Apply.
    11. Next you can choose the Colour opacity of the card.
    12. You can also change the Text Colour if you wish.
    13. Under Expires After choose from the drop down menu when you’d like the card to expire or keep it on Never if applicable.
    14. Under Services, choose if you want the discount to apply to All Services or click Edit to choose which ones you’d like it to apply to. For Example you may only want it to apply to ‘Click & Collect’ and not ‘Delivery’ services.
    15. If you wish to add a background image to the card click Add Image, then Choose File to pick one that you’ve saved previously.
    16. Click Create.

If you require any further help with this step please contact us.

2. Allocate the Card to a Customer

    1. Click on the Promo Cards tab on the top right.
    2. Click on the Promo Card + button.
    3. Click Select Customer.
    4. If you have already added the customer that is receiving the card, use the Search bar to find their name and Click on it. If you have not completed this step prior to this, click on Customer +, add their details, click Create, then < and then click on their name.
    5. Click Create Card

The customer will now get an email saying that you have sent them a gift card. To redeem it they need to place their order, go to Checkout, click Redeem Code, enter their Email Address, click Continue, enter their Password, click Login, click Apply Promotion on their Gift Card and the value of their card will then be deducted from their order.

If you need to redeem the card in person you can click on Marketing, then Promotions, then Manage Cards. Enter the customers name in the search bar and press enter or if you are using an iOS device you can scan the QR code on the customers card on their app to locate it. Once the card is located click on the Debit Card button. Enter the Order Amount to be debited and a Customer Message if necessary. Click Submit and the amount will be debited from the card.

If you require any further help please contact us.

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