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This guide shows you how to create a service that customers can use to purchase gift cards.

1. Create the service

    1. Click on Profile.
    2. Click on Services.
    3. Click on Service + on the top right hand side of the screen.
    4. Select Not Time Dependant as the service type.
    5. Leave the service Category as (None).
    6. Under Service Name enter what you’d like to call the service such as ‘Gift Vouchers’ for example.
    7. Under Service Description enter instructions for your customers e.g. ‘Order gift vouchers for any occasion and we’ll email them to the recipient. (Please note this service can also be used for ordering physical gift vouchers that can be sent in the post.)
    8. Under Post Order Instructions you may wish to enter a message that will pop up after your customer has paid e.g. ‘Once payment is received you’ll receive an email confirmation of your order.’
    9. Under Visibility keep the drop down menu on Vendor & Customer so the service can be viewed on both the vendor & customer apps.
    10. Under Display As keep the dropdown menu on Order.
    11. Leave the Service Price amount at £0.
    12. Leave the Minimum Order Value at £1.00
    13. Leave Maximum Order Value at £500.
    14. Leave Min products on order as 0.
    15. Leave Max Products on Order as 0.
    16. Under Order Stages we recommend that Auto Accept Orders is left On so that you do not have to manually accept orders.
    17. Turn off the Processing Stage by unticking the box.
    18. Change the Final Stage Status to something like ‘Thanks for Ordering’.
    19. If your app is connected to a printer you can choose under Auto Print the stage at which an order’s ticket will be automatically printed. If you need more information on how to configure your printer with your order process please click here.
    20. Click on the Inputs tab at the top of the page.
    21. Here you will need to add multiple inputs asking for the relevant information needed to complete the order, to do this Click Input +.
    22. Under Prompt write ‘Name of Recipient’.
    23. Under Type keep the selection as Free Text.
    24. Keep the input as Mandatory.
    25. Enter a Description if you wish, but this is optional.
    26. Click Save.
    27. Then do the same as above but this time enter ‘Email address of recipient’ under Prompt, then add another input that says ‘Name of Sender’ and finally another that says ‘Message from Sender’.
    28. If you are sending physical gift cards out via post you only need to add one input. Name it ‘Address’ under Prompt, select Address from the drop down menu under Type, keep Mandatory switched on and then scroll down to the bottom of the input and click Save
    29. Click on the Products tab.
    30. Click Product + on the top right hand side of the page. 
    31. Leave the product with No Category.
    32. If you are sending physical gift cards in the post and have a set amount available you can enter stock levels for this product by following the instructions here.
    33. Under Name enter one of the denominations of gift card that you wish to sell eg. ‘£5 Voucher’.
    34. Leave the Description blank.
    35. In the Price field enter £5.
    36. If you wish to add Tax to the price follow these instructions from section 1 step 4-11.
    37. If you have an image for the product click on Add Image, then Choose File, double click on the saved image you’d like to use and then click Done
    38. No Options need to be added to this type of product. 
    39. Click Create and then follow steps from 30- 39 for each denomination you wish to sell. 
    40. When you are happy with the service click Create on the top right.
    41. Then Publish.

This service is now visible on the app and ready to be used by your customers.

If you require any further help with this step please contact us.

2. Create the Gift Card Template

    1. Navigate back to the Dashboard.
    2. Click on Marketing.
    3. Click on Promotions.
    4. Click on Promotion + on the top right hand side of the screen.
    5. Select Gift Card as the promotion type.
    6. Keep One User Per Card ticked.
    7. If you would like there to be a QR code that can be scanned to search customer cards upon presentation for in person orders then keep QR Codes ticked, otherwise untick this box.
    8. In the Name field enter what you would like the card to be called or simply leave it as ‘Gift Card’.
    9. Under Description enter the some information for your customers such as ‘Automatically applies to your order at checkout.’ for example or use this to enter the message from the sender e.g.  ‘Happy Birthday, lots of love Mum!’. 
    10. Add the monetary amount you require in the Suggested Amount field.
    11. If you wish you can choose a Colour for the card by either entering an exact hex code or clicking on the colour wheel and choosing a colour. Here you can also Use your own image and choose a colour from that, once you are happy click Apply.
    12. Next you can choose the Colour opacity of the card.
    13. You can also change the Text Colour if you wish.
    14. Under Expires After choose from the drop down menu when you’d like the card to expire or keep it on Never if applicable.
    15. Under Services, choose if you want the discount to apply to All Services or click Edit to choose which ones you’d like it to apply to. For Example you may only want it to apply to ‘Click & Collect’ and not ‘Delivery’ services.
    16. If you wish to add a background image to the card click Add Image, then Choose File to pick one that you’ve saved previously.
    17. Click Create.

If you require any further help with this step please contact us.

3. Allocate the Card to the Recipient

    1. Click Promo Card +.
    2. Click Select Customer.
    3. If you have already added the recipient you are giving the card to, use the Search bar to find their name and Click on it. If you have not completed this step prior to this click on Customer +, add their details from the order you received and click Create, then <, then click on their name.
    4. Click Create Card

The customer will now get an email saying that you have sent them a gift card. To redeem it they need to place their order, go to Checkout, click Redeem Code, enter their Email Address, click Continue, enter their Password, click Login, click Apply Promotion on their Gift Card and the value of their card will then be deducted from their order.

If you require any further help please contact us.

We’ll call you back within the hour.
We’ll call you back within the hour.