how to
This guide shows you how to create a service that does not require a time slot for fulfilment of the service to take place. Examples of this are: table ordering, online purchases, payment of invoices & enquiries.
    1. Click on Profile.
    2. Click on Services.
    3. Click on Service + on the top right hand side of the screen.
    4. Select Not Time Dependant as the service type.
    5. If you wish to have the service under a category click Select to choose an existing one or create a new one by clicking on Category +.
    6. Under Service Name enter what you’d like to call the service such as ‘Table Ordering’ for example.
    7. Under Service Description enter instructions for your customers e.g. ‘Please use this service to order food to your table and we’ll bring it to you as soon as it’s ready’.
    8. Under Post Order Instructions you may wish to enter a message that will pop up after your customer has paid e.g. ‘Once payment is received you’ll receive an email confirmation of your order.’
    9. Turn off the Processing Stage by unticking the box.
    10. Change the Final Stage Status to something like ‘Thank you for your Order’.
    11. Click on the Inputs tab at the top of the page.
    12. Click Input +.
    13. Under Prompt write ‘Table Number’ or something befitting of the service you are creating.
    14. Use the drop down menu to choose an input Type. For table ordering you would choose Whole Number from this list to enable customers to enter their table number.
    15. Keep the input as Mandatory.
    16. Enter a Description if you wish, but this is optional.
    17. Click Save.
    18. If you want, you can add another input by clicking Input +.
    19. Click on the Products tab. If required you can add products to the service here.
    20. If you have already created products on a previous service you can click on the Link Products button and follow these instructions from step 6 onwards to link them to this service.
    21. If you do not have existing products you can follow the instructions on how to do this here.
    22. When you are happy click Create on the top right.
    23. Then Publish.

This service is now visible on the app and ready to be used by your customers.

If you are creating a table ordering service please follow these instructions on how to print the QR Code for your tables.

If you require any further help please contact us.

We’ll call you back within the hour.