how to
This guide shows you how to enter stock levels for a product. This will enable you to keep an inventory of which items you still have available for sale and will automatically decrease as products are sold through your app.
    1. Click on the Product that you’d like to enable stock control on.
    2. Click Stock Off.
    3. Then click Enable Stock Control.
    4. Under Change Amount enter how many products you have, then click Confirm. The Stock Off button will now be changed to 3 in Stock or whatever the amount was that you entered. This makes it easy for you to see what’s in stock at a glance. 
    5. Now click Update on the top right hand side and your changes will be saved.
    6. If you need to reduce stock levels due to damage or sale through other means you can click the ” in Stock button, under Change Amount enter how many you’d like to reduce the stock by, click the Decrease button, click Confirm and then Update.
    7. If you need to remove this feature from a product for any reason you can click the ” in Stock  button, click Disable Stock Control, then Disable and finally click Update on the top right hand side of the product.

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