How to sell event tickets
This guide shows you how to create a service where customers can buy or sign up for tickets to limited capacity events, unique occasions, or ad hoc style time slots (e.g Gig tickets, monthly quiz nights, Valentine’s dinner…)

1. Create an Events service

    1. Login to the the tudoo vendor app.
    2. Navigate to Profile and then Services.
    3. Select Service +.
    4. Select Events as the service type.
    5. You can populate the Details, Inputs and Products tabs following the standard service setup. Keep in mind the events added in the next step will have their own name, description and price.

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2. Add the events to the service

    1. Navigate to the Events tab on the service.
    2. Event Selection defines at what point after selecting the service the customer is prompted to pick an event.
    3. Innermost Booking Time defines the minimum time before an event when a customer can still book.
    4. Outermost Booking Time defines how far ahead a customer can still book an event.
    5. To view or add events, select Edit next to Events.
    6. On the Events dialog select Event + to create a new event for the service.
    7. The Name field can be the name of the event or the type of ticket (e.g Admission, Adult, Child).
    8. The Description field is optional. It can be used to help the customer understand the specifics or terms of this ticket or event.
    9. The Price per Admission field can be the ticket price, or the difference if the price is already defined by the service price, or zero.
    10. Max Total Admissions defines the event capacity or maximum number of total tickets to be sold.
    11. Max Admissions per Order defines how many tickets a customer can book in a single order.
    12. The Date and Time fields define the start time of the event.
    13. Select Create to finishing creating the event.
    14. You can continue to create, delete or edit events from the Events dialog.
    15. All events start as published, meaning they are available to be booked, however you can Unpublish them once the service has been created so they can’t be booked until published again.
    16.  Once satisfied with the events you can close the Events dialog.

If you require any further help please contact us.

3. Publish and test the service

    1. Once satisfied with the service select Create.
    2.  When ready to go live select Publish. This will make the service accessible for customers to book.
    3. You can test your service by creating a test gift card and creating an order. Remember to cancel any test orders you put through so that they do not take up capacity for real orders.
    4. Orders for the service will appear in the Orders area which you can get to from the login main dashboard. Orders for Events services can be found on the List, Grid and Schedule views.

If you require any further help please contact us.

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