refunds .
We submit refund requests to your customer’s bank or card issuer. Depending on the bank and when the order was made, your customer will see the refund as a credit approximately 5-10 business days later, or the original charge will disappear from their statement.


There is no charge for the customer and they will receive the full amount you specify when making the refund.


As standard we do not charge you to make a refund if your account has sufficient balance to cover the refund amount, otherwise a 1.6% fee on the refund amount is taken. To avoid this charge you can wait until further funds come in from future orders before making the refund. Please note that as standard your balance is reduced to £0 every day when your bank payout is created. You can increase your bank payout period to prevent this. More info on bank payouts can be found here.


Alternatively, you can give the customer credit in the form of a gift card, or if the refund comes from a timing issue you can simply change the time slot of the order by selecting the 3 dots on the top right of the order.
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