3 Ways


Putting your app links in the right places is key to get your customers not only ordering but maximising the use of your notifications, creating more orders.

facebook messenger
auto response

The Facebook Messenger auto response option creates an automatic reply to any messages going through messnger. This makes it quick and easy to let customers know certain information and you can place a link in the message for users to start ordering or booking straight from the message.

To setup your facebook messenger auto response, follow these simple steps:

    1. Head to your business facebook page
    2. Scroll down the Manage Page section and click Settings  
    3. Click Messaging
    4. Scroll down to  During a Messager Conversation and you’ll see Set up automated responses, and click Set Up
    5. First, turn on Instant Reply
    6. Then click Away Message and click Edit under Schedule
    7.  Tick both Instagram & Messenger to add your auto response
    8.  Type in your message along with your app link into the Message box
    9. Click Save in the top right and there you have it, your app link in your auto response is setup! 

facebook button

Facebook has a button for your app links to be placed in, making it quick and easy for users start ordering or booking straight from your page.

To setup your facebook button, follow these simple steps:

    1. Head to your business facebook page
    2. Click Add a button located in the top right of your page
    3. Choose Start Order


    4. On your tudoo food app login and copy your app URL
      ( login and head to Marketing >URLs & QR Codes, and copy your Services URL)

    5. Paste your tudoo food app URL into the Website box and click Save


    6. Hey Presto – you’re all done! You’re all set and your page will now look like this:

We’ll call you back within the hour.