With a Tudoo app you can easily keep in line with government Track and Trace requirements without extra admin time!

First, take advantage of our QR codes, found under the app and site area of your dashboard. Customers who scan the code will be brought to your ordering page or app download, depending on which QR code you use, minimising staff interaction and contact. We suggest printing them out and putting them on tables and service areas.

Second, create a new service called Track and Trace. Go to the inputs tab and create inputs for the various data entries you require (name, email, phone, home address, etc). Make sure you set each input as Mandatory. Write the purpose of taking the information in the description boxes.

Feel free to add the same inputs to other relevant services, such as table booking or table service.

You’re all set! Simply direct customers to scan the QR code and use the Track and Trace service when they visit. They will be prompted to fill out fields with the information required. This information will then be passed to you in the same way as any other system order.

Click here to read how we take care of GDPR for you.

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